19 December 2011

Pipilotti Rist makes me smile, again

I am so happy I had a second visit to Pipilotti Rist exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. I saw more things that I didn't see the first time like this hole in the wall where you can see this lovely video-sculpture made of underware from her family members.
There were more surprises and effects that I have not noticed. She remind me of my childhood years and made me conscious of how I play sometimes with light, shadow and my hands in the mornings when I don't want to stand up from bed.
Until 8th of January 2012.

17 December 2011

Haroon Mirza makes music

Nice art afternoon with Michiel Morel and Marion de Bruin at Camden Arts Centre. I took this photo at Haroon Mirza's exhibition briefly before we were prohibited to take photos as it is in most art galleries and museums in London.

16 December 2011

Gustav Metzger talking at Cubitt

The artist Gustav Metzger (born 1926) could have not agreed better with TJ Demos at Cubitt Gallery London last week. Interesting discussion on Project Stockholm, energy, ecology and religion. 
When an artist have always known what he wants, that in huge contrast with his fragile appearance.

15 December 2011

One year later, Marisela Escobedo

I painted this portrait of activist Marisela Escobedo at the beginning of 2011. Today one year after being killed there is news that her killer has been found.
I thought then that the press and people's attention and indignation was going to help stop the killings. But no, human right activists are now even a bigger target than one year ago. Let's not forget.

24 November 2011

Kunstforum meets Mexico

Article at  Kunstforum Okt-Nov 2011 by Michael Nungesser, Mexico Trifft Berlin at Gallery Emerson in Berlin.
click on the photo

22 November 2011

Berlin Explores Violence in Mexico

Berlin Explores Violence in Mexico by Yaotzin Botello, Article at Newspaper Reforma Sec. Cultura, Mexico 29 July 2011 on the exhibition at Gallery Emerson Berlin.

Mexiko trifft Berlin, 6. Sommerfest der Internationalen kunst, Art-in-berlin online magazine

6. Sommerfest der Internationalen kunst, Open PR, das offene pr portal.

18 July 2011

Mexico meets Berlin

Iván Abreu
Marisa Polin
Heriberto Quesnel
Mexiko trifft Berlin
A group exhibition of five Mexican artists at EMERSON Gallery in Berlin: 

Iván Abreu, Vanessa Farfán, Lucero Hernández, Marisa Polin, Heriberto Quesnel.

Opening:  22.07.11   7pm
Exhibition:  23.07.2011 - 04. 09.2011
Tuesday -Friday  2 -7 pm.

-Iván Abreu (La Habana Cuba 1967). Video, drawings, performance.
Iván Abreu's work articulates art, design and technology by using multiple media such as electronic devices, software development, sound experimentation, Internet, industrial design, documents, video and photography. For Abreu the use of technology as an artistic strategy allows the coupling of situations that were not designed to operate together to create singular effects. Technology activates these unions in art that in referencing social and political, transforms relations from cause and effect to cause and consequence.
-Vanessa Farfán (Mexico City 1977). Painting, installation.
Using different media as paint, threats, fabric and objects, her works show the result of situations created by intention or by accident. Structured spaces are transgressed by the movement of the elements which live in there. For Farfán, the relation space+time=movement is an important formula in her work.
-Lucero Hernández (Jalisco, México 1980). Installation, performance.
The women's murders in Ciudad Juárez, the role of the women in the Mexican society and the cultural shock are the topics of Lucero's work. In her performances, Hernández takes part of the Mexican everyday life and she places it out of context,making the meaning of this "Mexican situations" stronger.
-Marisa Polin (Mexico City 1965). Painting.
Images from newspapers and publications are reinterpreted in paintings. The work of Polin makes a synthesis of the weak and strong points of contemporary Mexico, always with a critical point of view.
-Heriberto Quesnel (Mexico City 1971). Painting, collage.
Critic of the social behavior through the cultures , Heriberto uses humor to point out the terrifying situations
of the political and social structures nowadays. He uses commercial, social, cultural or political icons to play around the context and the meaning of them.

EMERSON Gallery 
Gartenstr. 1, 10115 Berlin / (030) 24 04 72 95 /
info@emersongallery.de  / http://www.emerson-gallery.de/
Tue-Fr   2 - 7 pm
Do you want to see my working studio? Trendbeheer.

17 June 2011

As if not posed

Unguarded Moments,  15 July until 13 November 2011 

Photographs by Marianne Breslauer, Germany

Before the big changes

Last photographs before dividing my studio in two (countries):

16 June 2011

More than a compliment

I find somekind of hommage from Andrew Salgado to Jenny Saville at the Saatchi website.
Jenny Saville UK, (first three paintings) Andrew Salgado Canada (last two paintings) - UK,  for those who want and can't pay a Saville's painting.

Jenny Saville 3x
Andrew Salgado 2x