11 December 2008

Declare it deserted!

Mexico City logo competition
The government of Mexico City invited designers and actually any one to participate in this competition with a very juicy prize (60 000 euros). The jury counts with an architect, a second range 'painter' and others but no one direct from the design world. The final selection is poor and uncreative, and afterward the city would have to live with the awful logo. Here the finalists, the fourth is the least annoying and it has some relation with Lance Wyman's great designs made for the Olympic Games in 1968 and the City Metro.
Here you can read more: Brand New.
Anton Corbijn's logo for The Hague provoked also a lot of discussion. And there was no competition. Probably there are always people against changes.

More on Mexico City logo competition.
DF logo


Anonymous said...

Tienes razón ké feos logos!

Marisa Polin said...

Se descalificaron a tres mas y se pospuso el resultado.
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