10 December 2008

Covered eyes

Haár Ferenc vs Marisa Polin

Haár Ferenc , Irene Sunbathing, 1936
© Estate Ferenc Haar Courtesy Kicken Berlin

Marisa Polin
I discovered Ferenc's photo a few days after I made this one.
There is nothing new, everything is new.

Graciela Iturbide,
I just found this photo of hers. Two birds covering the eyes.


SASANDO said...

Hey Marisa,
I saw you are doing great job on art and designs. I am very interested to see the artistics and funny pictures and designs. Anyway, I would like to wish you a very special X-mas. I hope are blessed on this wonderful Christmas.

Warm Regards,
Ju Polin

Marisa Polin said...


Hello Ju Polin,
Many thanks for your nice comments and good wishes.
Please keep following the blog an let me know what would you like to read about.

Marisa Polin