23 June 2006

The fourth cover

It was great making the covers for Vrij Nederland, the last cover with the actress Halina Rijn is out. Making the covers you feel a lot of pressure because it is chosen through others who are you painting, there are certaing restriccions from the magazine (very few) and the most difficult is the date line. I can be fast at work, because I really like what I do, but it is important to take time to look at the painting even when I think is finished to really be sure about it. Well, in this four cases it was not possible. I am satisfied with the whole experience, I have had many coments and we will see what else comes.
Any way, I wish Vrij Nederland the best with this exceptional project that started in october of asking artists to make their covers.
Here the four covers: Tom Barman (dEUS), Willem-Alexander, Al Gore and Halina Rijn.

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