23 June 2006

Agua is welcomed!

I just finished Agua, Truus' and Elles' dog. Yesterday Truus received it as a surprise present on her birthday. I was rather nervous because I have seen Agua, a portuguese water dog, with long hair and with very short hair, and for dogs, more than for humans, hair can really make a big difference on how they look!
A few minutes ago I received a call from them, I passed the test and Agua, the painting, has the glance and looks of Agua the dog. They were very happy and pleased, me too.
Congratulations Truus!


carletongardener said...

What a beautiful painting! Its great. (I am a Portuguese water dog owner too.)

Marisa Polin said...

Your dog is very different in colour, Agua is 'red haired'. Thanks voor de comment.