03 October 2005

The after party

Last Friday was the opening of the Don Quixote exhibition. It was rather crowded being a group exhibition in the center of town. The proud Central Library and the Town Hall, designed by Richard Meier, were the happy setting for this celebration of the 400 anniversary of one of the most read books in the world. I had not realized that there were 8 Spanish artists, 8 Dutch and one Mexican. Well, most of us are also Dutch.
The group of works is very strong also because we worked specifically for the show. As for me, I made my triptych with love and dedication. I enjoyed from day one as I was planning it until this day.
The surprise operetta was very enjoyable. Many friends arrived from Amsterdam, as my very good friend Raul, but very absent minded, he thought it was an individual exhibition of mine.
The best part of it was that our Friend Julian had invited us and nearly any one who wanted to go to a real after-show-party. Exactly the kind of relaxed invitation you miss in this city. But the most important thing, after the show, just as we would always have after an opening in Mexico City.
Some walked, some took their cars, there we were, at the very chic Denneweg, friends coming, and going. Not everybody went to the show because it was rather early, in Mexico that would had been impossible: Friday 4 o'clock! But we all were into a Spanish mood, of Don Quixote and Dulcinea, just as Julian and his girlfriend Carolina were in love to inspire the best novels.

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