03 October 2005

The main actor

We were invited to the opening night of the play 'Democracy'. Before the evening I read all the critic and press available. I was very happy I was going to see the very known actor as the main character on this German cold war story.
As we were enjoying the play I thought, he is the best known but he is not the main actor. He was not holding the story, he was more of a shadow, actually I was just looking at the actor. I am not someone who knows much about theater but someone with own taste, but I didn't dare to say that to the other members of the public -on the opening night!-. But they did dare telling me. And they all agreed that at least it was a very bad casting.
This morning reading the newspapers I was very curious on what would they say about his acting. Thy all agreed: great acting, very real and the spy was very much of a clown. As for me the spy performed really well.
So you see, I don't know anything about theater, neither all the people that saw the play.

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