11 June 2011

Artists ex-change and curate

Jonathan den Breejen explaining the non-rules game of the Fitax500 at Nest in The Hague.

The boys

And mostly the girls

One of the (D) collectors frustrated of not being allowed to buy.

  Jeroen Kuster

Marisa Polin meets Niels Post without being able to interpret it, but leading to an ex-change.

The laughing artist trio. Apparently good friends.
Aquil Copier, , Michiel Schepers, Michiel Hogenboom

Nest hard kern hosting.

Never missing a good art evening.

Host and participant Bérénice Staiger(r) with Rozemarijn Westerink.

Nearly in my hands, by Barbara Witteveen

Kees Koomen, Ellemieke Schoenmaker and Barbara Witteveen

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