02 October 2010

The violence, the press and the impression

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Exhiben en Holanda violencia mexicana, bij Inder Bugarin.
Article on the Mexican newspaper Reforma of 2 October 2010 on the exhibition (Not) Guilty at World Art Delft and not as the subtitle of the article says incorrectly that the exhibition is at the embassy.

Here is the painting The Boss -El Jefe- (Diego Fernández de Cevallos) as it is now, just finished.

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Mexican violence exhibited in The Netherlands

The exhibition shows the kidnapping of Diego Fernandez de Ceballos.

The Embassy of Mexico in Holland mounted an exhibition that portrays the unkind face of Country

Inder Bugarin / Correspondent

Brussels, Belgium (October 2, 2010) .- As part of the Bicentennial of Independence, the Embassy of Mexico in Netherlands promotes a painting exhibition titled "(Not) Guilty" of the Mexican artist Marisa Polin, which portrays the upsurge of violence in the country.

Consisting of 40 paintings and drawings, including 13 dedicated to the explosion of violence and drug trafficking, the exhibition takes place in the WAD, a cultural center of the city of Delft.

Among the drawings shows the head of a decapitated, narco messages and the portrait of a member of Los Zetas tortured, and a guy blindfolded and with hands tied behind. It also appears the portrait of Diego Fernandez de Cevallos kidnapped, who said the artist, represents the view of the plot, lack of truth and contradictory versions of the official discourse.

The exhibition is made possible with support from the Foundation Stroom in The Hague and the Embassy of Mexico in Netherlands was responsible for the publicity of the event shown in the official cultural program aimed at spreading the country's presence in the Netherlands.

The Ambassador of Mexico in the Netherlands, Jorge Lomonaco, said to Reforma, that because the work is not part of the official events financed and planned by the SRE, Mexico was not informed for approval of its distribution, and report the results

"There is a Mexican artist who has a statement which has recognition in certain circles, and what we do is inform the community that there is this exhibition of Mexican artist," said the ambassador when asked about the motivation to spread a event that reflects the climate of insecurity in the country.

The exhibition will conclude on October 17.

My note: The exhibition is not organized or shown by or at the embassy.

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