02 October 2010

On appropriation in art

Everyday artists use, re-use, re-interpret, borrow and transform not only art by others, but actually all kind of visual information. This has been done for a very long time. Romans copied Greek sculptures. Prints were made of paintings, as archive information and even some times as advertisement. Picasso, Van Gogh, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Hirst, you name it. Everybody does it. All this at different levels and with different implications.

Often rises the question of what may or may not an artist use of the available sources. Raúl Marroquín has always placed this question on a side. He creates new associations, collections, talking to our memory and even creating new ones using all available visual information. At his exhibition For you Pleasure or Displeasure at Gallery Stevens he reinterprets the 60's gathering in one place the most dramatic events in his view.

Raf girls and boys.


Gallerist Sandra Stevens and the artist Raúl Marroquín.

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