17 September 2010

The last suppers

All about food.
An impressive and moving exhibition of Raul Ortega Ayala at Stroom The Hague.
The presentation of The Last Supper (Het laatste avondmaal) The Hague version and other works.

Hungry? or Satisfied?

A fatty Babel's Tower.

After one week.


Re doing the buffet at the World Trade Center. Ready.

After one week.


I wonder if the food was so good at the original restaurant. I think (nearly) every body was at the same time thinking of 9/11 as they were enjoying the food.

The work I was most impressed with at the exhibition was the menus of last meals from famous people like JFK in a very sober, traditional surrounding.

(Not) The Last Supper, after one week.

The Last Supper after two weeks.

The video 2x

The (last table) and the video underneath.

The artist Raul Ayala, in pink, with his family.

Photo's by LNA Da Santis and Marisa Polin

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