16 September 2010

Guilty, the opening

Paula Kouwenhoven, director World Art Delft.

Here I am next to the mayor of Delft, where the gallery is located and Maya Meijer, director of The Hague Sculpture and who officially opened the exhibition.

Hans Hoogervorst, Roos van Put editor in chief of Kunstbeeld and Bas Martens.

It is not what you see...

Bye Chato 2010

With sculptor Anat Ratzabi.

Zeta 2010

Anet van Haaster with graphic designer LNA Da Santis.

Journalist Fred Rondeel

With all tensions behind and satisfied after the opening a photo was taken of me next to one of the sculpture artists Kouji Ohno (r) and Paula Kouwenhoven.

Some of the artists who contributed to the opening of the Sculpture exhibition. Third from left Joyce Bloem.

Blessed, 2010

Saskia van Amstel, in front of the photographs "After 9/11" that form an exhibition within the show.

Just before hanging.

Writing the numbers of the works in a hurry.

Photos: LNA Da Santis, Fred Rondeel and James Sitrop

Opening of two exhibitions:
-(Not) Guilty, Individual exhibition by Marisa Polin
-WAD sculptures with art work from 26 international artists.

Until 17 October 2010
World Art Delft
Rotterdamseweg 205 / 2629HD Delft /NL
Open from Friday to Sunday from 1 -5 pm.

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