30 July 2010

Some of the best art places in Oaxaca, Mexico

Museo Tamayo, beautiful prehispanic figures.

The very enjoyable Museo del Textil.

Just next to the zocalo de Museo de Artistas Oaxaqueños.

The recreated tradition on the ceramic floors at the Iago Library by the most revered living Oaxacan artist Francisco Toledo.

The huge Museo de Oaxaca located at the convent of Santo Domingo.

The Bar Centro where you meet art and artists.

La Mezcaleria the most beautiful bar that will ever be built.

Next to the Mezcaleria an all contemporary art and design shop.

La Brujula, art and coffee.

The Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, now being rebuilt but still offering surprises.

Iago, "home" of Francisco Toledo and source of art to the city.

The most elegant gallery: Quetzalli.

The kingdom of artist Demian Flores: La Curtiduria, to develop, train and show art.

A warm and earthy mural by Jose Luis Garcia at Libreria

Also at the Library a kite designed by artist number one Francisco Toledo.

And of course the streets.
Actually there is hardly any place where you can not have an artistic experience in this culturally rich city.
Sorry that I have not been posting in a while but a good internet connection has been hard to steal! But I am back.

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