14 July 2010

Balkenende chooses a Polin

On the television program Stars on canvas / Sterren op het Doek, the Dutch prime minister chose the portrait I made of his to take home from the three portraits offered by the artists: Maarten Welbergen, Raymond Huisman and Marisa Polin.
Interview: Hanneke Groenteman.
The program will be retransmitted on Friday 16 July 2010, 14:35 hours, on Nederland 2 television.
Direct to see the program

Photo's Roy Beusker, Eye2Eye and Marisa Polin


Anonymous said...

Wat een slecht geschilderd ding. Klopt helemaal niets van. Leer eens schilderen prutser!

Marisa Polin said...

Dear Anonymous,
I do respect different point of views and I understand perfectly well that there aree people who do not like my work. But it is difficult to respect an opinion of someone who does noet sign with their own name.

Kind regards,
Marisa Polin

Anonymous said...

Gefeliciteerd Marisa en laat je niet kisten!

Anonymous said...

Oh... Dolf Pauw

Frank said...

Heb je de berichtgeving van vanochtend gezien:


Geenstijl said...


Anonymous said...

Also: http://maggenamsterdam.wordpress.com/2010/07/20/el-rostro-mexicano-de-balkenende/