02 February 2010

The castle and the portraits

All in style for Jacque Gregoire's.

The girls by Marisa Polin and Ellen de Groot.

Entering the castle.

Elco Brinkman opening the exhibition
Portraits Now (Portrettisten Nu)

Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle at their annex Kasteel Het Nijenhuis in Heino, The Netherlands from the 30th of January through 18th April 2010.

Ralph Keuning director of the Museum de Fundatie, artist Janneke Brinkman, art historians and authors of the book: Harriet Stoop-de Meester and Cathinka Huizing and Chriestie's' Joop Ubbens.

The public: 500+ persons.

The press.

Elco Brinkman receiving the first book Portraits of portrait painters (Portretten van Portrettisten) from the authors Cathinka Huizing and Harriet Stoop-de Meester.

Seems a conversation with Bianca Berends' painting.

Marisa Polin works with a chocolate background

A second The Hague artist in the chocolate room:Marike Bok showing actor Chiem van Houwelingen.

The huge Wim Pijbes painting staring in the main hall by Annemarie Busschers.

Queen Beatrix: lonely at the top by Roderik van Schaardenburg

Ellen de Groot 2x in a slightly renaissance ambiance.

Judith Lansink's

Roderik van Schaardenburg girl and baby.

Stijn Rietman

The photographer surprised at being photographed next to Dorine Kuiper's

Another two girls by Marjolein Menke.

Two women.

Again two girls, this time by Bianca Berends

Joop Rubens', Annemarie Busschers' work.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Madelein Allbright et al by Janneke Viegers

The children in between Dick Stapel's and Ab de Nijs Bik's paintings

A back's portrait.

The table and the canvas. Sam Drukker

Frits Bolkestein by Jurriaan van Hall

Two real girls next to a portrait of a girl by Robert Vorstman

Ans Schumacher.

At a cozy corner and in an old fashioned atmosphere: Erik de Jong.

More info and photos: Trendbeheer and Dutch portraits now.

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