29 January 2010

Undisciplined: Raul Marroquín

John Goring gets partly illuminated by one of Marroquin's videos.

A warm opening on one of this winter's coldest evenings of "Landscapes Urban Views & Live (on line) events", the most recent video exhibition of Dutch-Colombian artist Raul Marroquín at Witzenhausen Gallery in Amsterdam.


Tom Postma, the artist Raul Marroquín, Jost van Hesselt.

Snowstorm 1990

Geoofrey Prins enchanted by Barbara en right gallerist Jacob Witzenhausen.

Subtropical Andes

Artist Gorki Bollar and AFM Hans Hoogervorst

Helicopter view on the Eiffel Tower

Truus Dokter from It Fits with Julia Botero.

Heiner Holtappels director Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst


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