07 April 2009

My 5 favorite blogs

The diary - blog of Swedisch illustrator Lena Sjöberg.
The art - blog of artists Jeroen Bosch and Niels Post from Rotterdam.
The design - blog of designer Costas Voyatzis from Athens.
The contemporary art, sculptural aesthetics, arcitecture, modernities, poetry, domestic issues, folk, tales, politics - blog of  Greek artist Kostis Velonis.
The book, illustrations, science, history, visual materia obscura, eclectic book art of peacay from Australia.


Marisa Polin said...

I will place my list of favorite blogs too.
All my regards,

costas voyatzis said...

What a nice surprise!

Thank you so much for adding Yatzer in your top 5 favorite blogs list!

Greetings from Athens

Costas Voyatzis
editor in chief/creative director