22 September 2008

Art in public spaces 1

Art in public spaces Haagsehout, The Hague
Galeries.nl, one of my favorite all-round art web sites in The Netherlands has started a new project. They are aiming to build a catalog of all art works in public spaces in The Netherlands. I just added myself to lead the Haagsehout a section of The Hague.
Many of the art works in The Hague are part of buildings where they were placed anonymously. That would be the most difficult part of it, to find who the authors were. I am starting with one of my least favorite sculptures the one of Queen Emma at the Rosarium Park. I will also add the most particular buildings and houses.
If you have any photos or information place send them to me.

Ton Dupuis, Queen Emma by Rosarium Park.
Henk Visch, De Draadloper, by Shell building.

All art works in The Hague.
To see more photos.

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a nice rope-walker.