23 September 2008

Art in public spaces 2

All the artworks can be found in the section of The Hague called Haagsehout: it includes the neighborhoods Benoordenhout, Bezuidenhout, Haagsebos, Marlot and Mariahoeve. *

Deer (Hert), Arensdorp

Owl (Uil), Jozef Israelsplein
Bird with snake (Vogel met slang), Jozef Israelsplein

Queen Emma (Koningin Emma), Ton Dupuis, Rosarium Park
Wall painting, entrance Arensdorp

Gravin van Bylandt, Arensdorp

Pelicans (pelikanen), Paschalis Church.
Arch. Kropholler

This sculpture was in Malieveld and destroyed about two years ago.
Image Gemeente Den Haag.
All art works in The Hague. To see more photos.
Photos © Marisa Polin

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