19 September 2008

19 September 1985

23 years ago was the big earthquake in Mexico City. People still call it "El temblor", the shake. My life splits on that date. It coincides with feeling finally adult. Now that 'shake' divides my life in two nearly equal parts.
I can still feel my bed moving at the rhythm of my heart, trying to convince my mother that the "Temblor de la Ibero" had been worst. Standing up with some kind of curiosity and researcher soul, I ran the curtain to 'observe' the trembling of the city.
Later the mass shock, and on tv and radio the repeting names of people who were ok, the streets that needed hulp, the little notes on certain walls with a credential photograph, written: Have you seen this person?
In a way I was that person that was found.
My life has that scar, before and after the 'temblor'.

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dolfpauw said...

One year before we (Kees Koomen and me visited Mexico City and we are desorientated when we heard from the big earthquake in 85!