04 December 2007


Elena de Santis just sent me the photo she took of me making the V sign.
I found it first strange and then funny that Asian youth all make hand signs, often the V sign, as they are being photographed. On one of my actual projects I see this signing over and over. So I have relatively few photos of them not making signs.

In Mexico most children would make a horn sign on top or their friend who stands just in front of them as the photo is being taken. The youth would do more gang related signs, as in the USA, even though they have absolute no relation to those kind of communities. They also use the I love sign often, which is a vertical horn sign with the thumb also open.

In The Netherlands my son and his friends sometimes make some kind of sign but not as geographically related as the previous examples.
So, I was surprised of myself to my own V sign (which in fact has probably another meaning than Victory, as the Asian boys do it, horizontally), last Saturday which for the first time I did it automatically and (subconsciously) impersonating, placing myself in the Asian youth shoes.
I loved the photo. Thanks Elena.

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