05 December 2007

In how many ways could a story be told?

The same applies for paintings, in endless ways. And who says they are the same stories?
I just discovered by pure chance on Internet the artist Hidenori Mitsue born in Japan, living in the Netherlands. As I saw the first painting I related it directly to one of mines, but as I kept on seeing other works of his I was able to relate them to many other artists. This is what is fascinating: the uniqueness of each art of work within the codes of the art history.

Take a look, the first two have a strong relation to some of my paintings on the series Listen to Me and the last one just reminds me of some of the dog situations I painted years ago.
As I place the illustrations of my arguments I see how incredible different they are, but the feeling they gave me is still that of relation very strongly.

The first 4 paintings are Mitsue's and the last 4 are mine.

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