20 December 2007

Even the 'Best Wishes' cards are similar!

Even though I think I communicate a lot with my friends as Christmas approaches and I receive either paper or digital 'good wishes' cards I feel sometimes encouraged to send also some kind of 'communique'. I make them some times, and very neutral because I know many people in my surroundings do not believe or celebrate around these days.

They are inspired by what I learned at primary school about the Aztecs celebrating on the last 20 days of each year in case the world would end. And in a way now is not very much different.
So, back to the cards. Few days ago I decided that my special trees photo from Kyoto could be the base of the card. I had been sending it rather shyly as I am leaving tomorrow to Mexico -and of course I shouldn't be writing here but rather packing my suitcases- and I am rather busy with details and big things. As I was making it I decided to place the text with our names down to the right, later I added the date.

Yesterday I received Jorge Menoni's card. It has of course a different text and another landscape but I can deny it, it was made with the same spirit.
I wish you I very creative and healthy next year!

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wow... puedes agregar una coincidencia más, apenas cheque hoy tu blog desde la última vez que comenté, y me encuentro con estas "tarjetas" que son bastante parecidas, en formato, a la que armé para este fin de año, sólo que la mía tiene una vista de la lñuz entre las nubes en ciudad de mexico. (luego te la mando)

feliz año