19 December 2007


Sometimes I hear someone saying: 'I don't know what to paint'.
I find that situation so far from my own. I have plenty of inspiration and a dozen projects I would like to make. Years ago I started a sketch book of 'Ideas that won't be realized'. I collect all this incredible complicated plans, ideas that are to big for me or the money I have, projects where I don't manage the materials and so on. Any way, always plans often not enough time. Every night I make my plans for the next working day. Always and I mean always, do different than planned but that is not important. The same is when I imagine a painting, after realizing it the result is far from the original idea, it is just like that.
When I hear: 'I don't know what to paint'. I just answer it doesn't matter, just go ahead and the ideas will come.

Marianna Dellekamp 2x

You can develop an idea from an obvious source. There are the every day things that we take for granted, that no one pays attention to, or like in the cases I will describe that artists geographically very far away take one of this themes as theirs an in a relative similar way resolve it. Here you see the works of the Mexican Marianna Dellekamp and the Dutch Isabella Rozendaal. They both worked based on the newspaper mini-ads, one on the "Looking for an room" section and the second in the "Looking for a partner" section. Both use photography and text, more or less both elements apart. Both make most of all a social commentary. The results obviously are very different but the inspiration comes from the same source.

Isabella Rozendaal 2x
Two other artists I know -Sarah van Sonsbeeck and Marjolijn den Boer- are working on the little personal ad-works but not in the newspaper world but in the Internet world. This rich territory will be more and more researched and used in the future by artist as inspiration. It is just a complete huge new world. My personal use of Internet as inspiration takes another form but it takes, specially now, a very prominent place.

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Anonymous said...

Entré a tu blog, me gusto mucho el trabajo de la chava que hace la cerámica tipo holandesa. Me pareció muy interesante.
De la chava que hace lo de los novios, sin saber el contenido de los anuncios, me parece que es un trabajo fuerte.
Me encantó que mi trabajo te haya prendido tan rápido. Gracias por el interés.

m a r i a n n a d e ll e k a m p