11 October 2007

Letter to Mauricio Castillo

Those eyes.

Dear Mauricio,
Do you remember? We couldn't pronounce his name. It was just simply to difficult and strange, just as his eyes were. We had no idea he was Dutch. I could have believed he was kind of out of space just as his character in the movie, but I just didn't believe in beings from out of space.
I remember that afternoon when we gathered all at my home, and someone brought a loaned VCR. A friend of mine had managed a copy of Blade Runner. We were all there, you and your gang of "comedian" friends'. At that moment we were all serious, we were going to watch Blade Runner at home. For all of us it was a myth, a cult. "The film". Just as the other big one at that moment: Rumble Fish.
The lights went off, the TV-VCR was on and we just saw a nearly black screen with some sound. Permanent. We tried to improve it but after a few minutes we all new, it was a bloody bad copy of the film, so bad that there was nothing to see.
They all blamed me, why didn't I check the video before, but I just didn't have the VCR.
Who would have thought that the so admired, frightening and weird looking actor with the impossible spelling would I see him once in real life?

I did, at the premiere of Anton Corbijn's film Control, this week. I passed just a few centimeters next to him, who still had a lot of his charming hair and strong features. I was next to the man: Rutger Hauer. I observed his over the 60 skin and looked into his eyes and I felt the nostalgia of being a teenager and not knowing what would be happening in my future, not knowing that one day I would be seeing the unreachable, the "far away person" from such a small distance.

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