12 October 2007

Being proud

A few months ago I was invited to participate at a work group of Museum Beelden aan Zee (Sculptures at the Sea) in Scheveningen, The Hague. They wanted to reach a larger and broader public. I was very honored and happy to be invited to do something for the arts in my city and specially for such a beautiful museum with one of the most special locations.

Personally, even thought I had been living here for years one day I literally bumped into the museum. I didn't know about its existence. Once inside I discovered the light, the peace and the space that are the best surroundings for the special sculpture exhibitions that they have. And it is just a few meters from the North Sea...
I knew then that they work as a private museum meaning no subsidy from any governmental institution or local authority, that for some countries may be normal but in The Netherlands nearly the only exception, specially at this large scale.

Two days ago we gave a party at the museum inviting many of our friends to share and let them know about it. Actually, many of them, even being assiduous art fanatics had never been here before. It was also for the BaZIS ambassadors' group, as they called us at the museum, our maiden event. I was as nervous as any host can be: a lot!
Around 150 (new) visitors enjoyed music, food, theater, friends, art, artists talking about their art at their exhibition rooms and the opportunity of visiting the non public areas of the museum open for one night for everybody.
We were very happy that all went well and also very proud of "our" museum. Hopefully it will be the good start for a wave of new visitors to Museum Beelden aan Zee.
We reached a full page of the local newspaper: Haagse Courant. At these photographs some of the BaZIS members (from a total of 13 "ambassadors") and also the artistic and financial directors of the museum. Photography: Jos van Leeuwen, the second is mine. There is also another page at Den Haag Centraal, with their regular 'ironic tone'.

Sculpture Club. 

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