03 October 2007

Living in the Sonora Desert

I have mixed feelings about the desert. I lived on the south of Arizona for one year. Coming from Mexico City, Ajo was a shocking experience. It didn't have even one stop light, or did it? 5000 inhabitants maybe...
In a way it was the feeling of West Berlin, all freedom but surrounded by some kind of imprisonment. The first had East Germany, Ajo had the Sonora Desert, surrounding it by 360 degrees.

But Ajo people and their small thinking were more of an imprisonment for me than all the sand and cactus I saw.
The first weeks as I joined the track team and we trained on the desert I began understanding the desert until I ended up loving it. De desert gives me tranquility, the flora was beautiful and whenever I had the luck to see fauna it was an incredible experience.
And it was never as cold as they told me it would be and never as warm...

Had you ever seen how tall an organ pipe cactus could be?

Here a painting by Jos van der Sommen and the second photograph Marjolijn den Boer studio yesterday, both in a very desert mood.

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