01 October 2007

For good weather there is no one to thank

Even though the weather report anticipated a clear day we couldn't believe it. But as the time for the opening approached the sky cleared, the wind settled and sunshine reflexed in high contrast colors through the domes on the paintings and the garden plants.
At 3 pm friends and neighbors streamed into the gallery.
By the moment Wim Pijbes (Kunsthal, Rotterdam) started his speech, gallery and garden were full of people.
Wim Pijbes' opening speech. In Dutch.
Marisa Polin's thank you words. In Dutch.

Charlotte Huygens, Willem van der Kaay, Rob Nederlof, Karin Doeksen, Soraya Nederlof, Femke Boersma, Frits Bolkestein, Marisa and Wim Pijbes. NF

Here I am talking to Frits and Femke a few seconds before Wim started with the opening words. GF

Naema Tahir, me and Wim Pijbes. GF

Gerrit Zalm asking himself when is he going to be able to see the exhibition? GF

Femke and Frits just in front of a corner of his portrait. C

The Rio series. MP

The Summer drawings. MP

Frea and Ivo Bouwman talking to Wim Pijbes. GF

A full gallery. NF

This is the front room facing the street. In the middle Naema in front of her portrait talking to Charlotte and Wim. NF

The Die Hards. Those who stayed until the end enjoying pizza, conversation and music. GF

Hans Hoogervorst, Rita and Edzo Doeve. GF

After the storm. MP

Photo credits: Nick Farmer NF, Concha C, Gabriel Foncerrada GF, Marisa Polin MP. (Thanks!)

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