21 August 2007

Coincidence or source of inspiration?

Years ago, in 1993 during Europalia, many paintings of Frida Kahlo were brought to The Hague for an impressive exhibition including her paraphernalia as her bed or her torso model. Then I decided to go dressed as Frida Kahlo, inspired by my sister Monica who had done that to the then famous dress up parties of the Martinez Barranco. For me it was making honor of her, my sister whom I thought looked absolutely great at the photo's I saw of that party. And I thought actually looked a lot more physically as her.
As I couldn't buy the school stamps of a face of Diego Rivera that Monica placed on her forehead imitating one of Frida's paintings I had to paint my own Diego. Later I gave that drawing to my friend and disguise coach Yuriria Blanco. Yuriria helped me to make the flower arrangement on my head, later she made 'the official" photo's next to the then Mexican president Salinas de Gortari and the important art collector Dolores Olmedo and she pushed me all the way to the impersonation when I wanted to give it up.
The Dutch press got mad and really thought that I was Frida (informed as they were, they didn't even realized that it was nearly 40 years since she have died!), they took more pictures of
me than one year before when I got married.
Later I've heard that my sister had been very annoyed that I had 'copied' her. I am not sure this is the truth as we never talked about it. Well, now I found a picture of my sister at her hi5! site where I wonder if it is a coincidence or a source of inspiration?
Any way, now that part of my visual art projects are about repetition, imitation, coincidence and cultural expressions this becomes a good example. I hope soon to have the answer to my
both questions from Monica.

Here the two photo's, first my sister's and then mine from previous blog insert (April 9 2007), both with my son on the back seat.


Monica Polin said...

Oye Mecri yo también estoy impresionada por las fotos, es una afortunada coincidencia no conocía tu foto, me encanta el Gabo atrás en ambas, con y sin lentes.
No me molestó que me "copiaras" lo que dije es que era una especie de suplantación de la persona de Frida por aquello de la confusión de la prensa dado que te creyeron otra persona, más bien te pregunto tú cómo te sentiste dejando de ser tú por un tiempo.
Te felicito por todos tus proyectos, qué padre que todos estos eventos y más te inspiren a crear, besos Mecri, Moño

Marisa Polin said...

Dear Monica,
Thanks for your answer.
It is an incredible coincidence! That shows we are sisters.
I am also glad you were annoyed about me reinterpreting you via Frida Kahlo.
That day it was amazing because I was not even acting, as every body believed I was Frida, I was Frida. Up to now a quite special experience.