22 August 2007

Can you judge art by the amount of public?

Sophie Calle at Venice's Biennial.

If that is the case and you can give a prize, the winner at the Venice Biennial is Sophie Calle's exhibition. There were so many people there, and every body was truly fascinated and reading everything. It was not the smallest show either and there was a lot to see and read. Personally it intrigued me and caught my attention but seeing the public looking at the works in some kind of magical spell was very encouraging. It is nice to be among people who love art. It felt very normal.

About the piece:
When a boyfriend broke-up with her by email, French artist Sophie Calle asked 107 women to read the letter and to analyse it according to their professional interest. It was set to music, re-ordered by a crossword-setter, performed by an actress, and probed by a forensic psychiatrist, amongst others. The resulting artwork called Take care of yourself (after the boyfriend's parting words) fills the French Pavilion at the Biennial. Another example of Calle's ability to create art from the intimate and painful details of her life is also being shown in Venice. It takes the form of a film recording the dying moments of her mother, while in an adjacent space a statement on the wall explains that on the day that Calle was invited to represent France at the Biennial, she learned that her mother was terminally ill. Calle spoke to TateShots about her work. *From Tate.

Have an art day!

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