16 June 2006

The five mexicans that were actually six

Yesterday was the opening at the embassy. It was rather fun as we started with a radio interview for the Dutch Radio "Wereld omroep" for the program Con Acento Holand├ęs. Sergio Acosta was the interviewer and we were very soon in a very good mood for telling strong opinions, he wanted to emphasize on the group and ratial tensions in The Netherlands from the recent times from our artist and 'mexican' point of view. Emilio Sanchez has always very defined opinions so the atmosphere went in that direction.
As we were finishing the interview the people poured into the exhibition area and within minutes it was full.
There were many good friends as Marina en Chiem van Houweningen, Rita Fernandez, Idzarda Lindenbergh and many many others. I think I talked at least a few words with all of them, but at openings the time goes so fast... Afterwards I always have a pleasurable memory but also a big dissatisfaction of not having been longer with all my friends. I can not get used to that.
The press from the Haagse Courant (nowdays called Algemeen Dagblad) was also there and of course they took pictures of some of the ambassadors that were present. Willy Jolly was taking the photographs. He is sending me some of them because for a change I didn't had my camera with me.
Sandra Fuentes-Berain the elegantly dressed mexican ambassadeur had a personal and short speech so everybody was happy.
The geometrical sculpture of Ricardo Regazzoni was my favorite of the exhibition. The strongest point of the show is the wide variety of styles.
You are invited to visit the exhibition, read down for all the info.
The photograph from the six artists is by Sergio Acosta.
The photos with the Spanish, Mexican and Turquish ambassadors and the one that I am next to Ricardo Regazzoni and Chiem van Howelingen are by Willy Jolly

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