13 June 2006

Article about the covers

It is nearly three weeks ago that I was asked by the newspaper Algemeneen Dagblad for an interview in relation to the covers I was making voor VN. I was, apparently, the second artist from The Hague who was participating in this daring project from the magazine, that starting last oktober they invite an artist to realize four covers in a row.
The first artist, and the other one from The Hague was Philip Akkerman, who had been making only selfportraits for more than 20 years, and he dared to paint others for a change.
Erik Quint came to my studio for the interview and it went really easy. Later arrived the photographer Robert van Suyvenberg and we ended up enjoying lunch and having a fine conversation.
Tom Barman (the person I portraited on my first cover) would be singing only 10 days later at the Pinkpop festival so there was plenty of time. The festival week-end came close and there was no article, the festival and all the concerts finished and there was no article, days came by and I wondered if they were going to publish it.
It was only yesterday that Erik Quint let me know that it was going to be printed today, I didn't believed it any more.
And today what a surprise, there it was a very nice article, a bit about me, a bit about my way of working but also about Tom Barman an with a big photo! I was very happy also because I had given it up.
And now I realize it was not out dated as I thought it would be as the third cover is coming out only tomorrow.
Today I hanged all the paintings made specially for the covers at the exhibition at the mexican embassy, the opening is in two days so everything is just on time.

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