10 March 2006

Tomorrow is the big day

The Pink Gala is tomorrow, then we will be showing for the first time all the special art works that 13 artists specially made for the theme. I think it is going to be very special. I will let you know tomorrow how it went.
And as you can notice I changed my mind and I went back to my original plan of showing 4 paintings, 3 women and one man who (have)had cancer. Even though my three ladies were saying a lot with their eyes and expressions I neded Kees portrait to bring the original balance.
Nelly and her husband had decided to buy her portrait, that pleases me a lot but also tp the organization as we artists are giving 50% of the sales to breast cancer research.
Today came Genoveva to see her portrait, she was really happy and she felt identified with the painting. I felt she was full of emotions. Me too.
Joanne sent me an e-mail sharing her enthousiasm about her portrait and Kees doesn't even know I painted him. Actually I put the last stroke of paint this afternoon on "Kees" portrait.
Clockwise: Kees, Nelly, Joanne and Genoveva.
Nelly, see me.
I have got to know about her when the news about her cancer were already told. Since then, she had been very positive and concentrating on helping beat the illness with serenity and good sense. She is still going and coming from and to the hospital.
Joanne, feel me.
While I thought she was enjoying her holidays she was actually under surgery. Her orderly thinking helped the doctor discover her cancer. Lucky circumstances, again, brought her into a stage where recovery is at a possible sight.
Kees, hear me.
I met him the day they heard that his wife had cancer. 8 months later she had died. Less than half a year after he was the one with cancer. We all trembled but after treatment he was luckily declared freed of cancer. He found his new love in the hospital and they have two daughters. Genoveva, heal me.
It was discovered that she had breast cancer while she was pregnant. The treatment went well. Both her parents died afterwards of cancer between three months. After this sad period her second child was born. He is two now.

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