29 March 2006

Last projects

The guests to the Pink Gala, two weeks ago, were the first ones to see the very personal but more important great works specially made by the artists. I invited the artists to work on the theme of breast cancer, being this illness a mean killer of young women in this part of the world. We had very good response at the Pink Gala, and we sold 5 works and got a few articles in the newspapers. I am very proud of the results and I still hope we can help even more in awareness and research as the artists are donating more than 50% of the sales to the Foundation Pink Ribbon of the Netherlands.
The second part of the exhibition: “See me, feel me, heal me” will be in The Koorenhuis in The Hague, from 28 March until 13 April 2006. The opening is only in a few days so there is still a lot to do.
The repercussion of this project had also been an important learning process for me as I did not foresee the huge work that such a project involves. But I suppose that is the same in all our life projects. If we knew about the difficulties probably we wouldn't do anything. So I am glad that enthusiasm can overshadow logic.
If you want to know more about it please check: http://pinkpolink.blogspot.com/
The first photo is of one of my works at the exhibition in The Koorenhuis: Kees, hear me, 60x50 cm, 2006

The other exhibition that will be opening the coming days is the last part of Biennale Sur, showing artworks from Latin-American artists living in the Netherlands. I will be showing three recent paintings including my very last, a self portrait. Here a photo of it and the invitation.
For more info: http://www.stichtingmozaiek.org/
Second photo: Marisa 5, 55x85cm, 2006.
Exhibition Biennale Sur, Amsterdam.

The third very important news is that I will be leaving my light and spacious studio in the "Painters Neighbourhood". I won't be cycling the enjoyable 30 minutes a day as I did for the last two years. The series OgenBlik (the portraits) flourished here and I will be also missing my art neighbours (Simon, Pamela and Willem). The good news is that we were offered the space next door to our home as my new studio. Lots of space, ground floor, next but apart to my home and access from the back to our own garden! I didn't even dream of this. My life will be changing, and hope that my art work will evolve even better than on my last studio. I don't know yet the moment that it will be ready, around June I hope. I will let you know and hopefully I will be having a special open day.

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