02 February 2006

Proud model and some news

Here is Jan Driessen with a big smile as he is being confronted with his "super ego".
It is one of the last portraits I have made.
He was also celebrating the buying of his new house the same day.

The next photograph is my contribution to the exhibition on breast cancer I had been organizing for the last months.
It had been an intense and rewarding job.
I am very satisfied as next week all the works made specially by 13 artists will be shown at The Old Church in The Hague.
To know more about it please check:
http://pinkpolink.blogspot.com/ (In Dutch).

I am also very proud with the new team of voluntaries at La Primaria, a language (Spanish) and culture "school" for Latinamerican children in The Netherlands.
I started and lead the project for two years and now was the perfect time to leave it as I am sure it will continue working really well.
Read more about it at: http://www.laprimaria.blogspot.com/ (in spanish).

The last news is that I will be having a new studio just wall to wall to my home. This is extreme luck! My studio at Schilderswijk (The Painters Neighborhood, literally translated!) has been a source of creativity and two very productive years.
Now I am looking forward going back to Jozef Israels Lane (a known painter from the period known as The School of The Hague, wich is the name of the neighbourhood I live). So I move from the painters' hood to the painters' hood. Impossible to miss the road.
(The fourth photo is a work of Israels).
The actual moving will take probably about two months. But in my mind I am already moving piece by piece to the great new studio.

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