28 February 2006

17 years are not that long

We had a great visit from our friends living in Boston. 18 years ago I met Hans through Victoria, and at that time she started the relationship with our common friend Vinicius.
There was an always growing and changing group of friends. In times when you had to call when you said you would, and you have to come to an appointment because other wise you could loose the friend. We had no cellular phones and no internet. Friendship was extremely intense and precious for me in those two years in London. Those days are what I call my most intensive learning moment in my life.
There was the Australian members (naive and big), the Ecole National Frenchmen (and women), the Brazilian architects (Vinicius), the American and other nationalities ex-John Hopkins (Victoria), the Mexican girls (me), some lost Englishmen and the Dutchman (Hans) who travelled two times to London to a party (when I met him).
From those beautiful years came out quite a few couples like: Victoria and Vinicius (our guests last week), Hans and me (see photo), Margarita (my cousin) and Steve (one of the few UK members), Thierry (Fr) and Katya (Br).
I still have contact with some of them like my dear Laurence who is happily in love now and Anne-Valerie that I hope to visit on my next trip to Paris.
Nicola that I know he was/is in Rome. Thomina sends an e-mail every now and then.
And asking you always get to know the basic information of some of the people that made my present in those days.
Vinicius I have not seen him for 17 years, and you know, as I talked to him, and we sat gossiping about the past and discussing nowdays matters I realized 17 years is not that long. It is just a number.

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