26 September 2005

Deja vu

It has been two years since I started painting portraits as I am making them now. First it was out of curiosity that I wanted to learn more about what a face made a face. After, when I knew more the experimentation grew. The eyes gained more and more importance.
Today as I tried to finish my nephew's portrait I was confronted by a far older nephew than his 21 years. Should I leave it like that because I believe he would look like that later on or should I try to transmit his youth-mix-with-wittiness? On the other hand I think his sister Biaani is completely present and it looks just as she is now. This was also a relative easy portrait, because she looks a lot like her mother (my cousin) and we always felt that we were very similar. So as I was painting Biaani it was like painting myself when I was her age. It was a strong deja vu.

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