17 January 2011

Art exchange

Jochem Rotteveel being welcomed by host Jonathan Den Breejen
Tupajumi invited artists and collectors to their First International Tupajumi Art Exchange: Fitax500 to exchange their art works valued €500. There were only 50 invitations to be given. The meeting was at the new exhibition space of Kunst&Complex at Rotterdam, where we were received not only with many glasses of champagne but also by an extremely friendly atmosphere. 
Kees Koomen, V&B and Marisa Polin
It is difficult to think of another formula where all (artists) participants were talking with each other about their work, identifying artist, with name and work. It all happened very natural. I met many new  artists and/or their work. When I left everybody was talking to everybody. Most of the works were exchanged and there are already rumors of a following exchange.

The very much wanted Jeroen Jongeleen's
Geert Baas, Simon Schrikker, V&B, Kees Koomen,
Left Mari Stoel
Regan Gentry
Jaron Korvinus,
and Eveline Visser
 The rules of the game.
Jochem Rotteveel
Jonathan Den Breejen
The participant artists (more or less complete):
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Marisa Polin, Mari Stoel, Regan Gentry, Ekaterina Mitichkina, Niels Post, Annegret Kellner, Jeroen Kuster, Aquil Copier, Filip Jonker, Stefan Gross, Daphne ter Wee, Laura d'Ors, Wil Jansen, Rozemarijn Westerink, Petra van Noort, Petra Groen, Marianne Fontein, Daphne Bom, Margrét Úrsúla Ólafdóttir Hauth, Margot Annuschek, Jolien Kramer, Harriet van Reek, Dennis Roodbol, Ronan Lan.

More info and more photos: Tupajumi, Trendbeheer, Kees Koome, 5 uur

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