27 December 2010

Temporary (empty) museum

The Temporary Stedelijk until 9 January 2011.
Interesting works mixed with empty rooms, probably to make us feel "the space" of the renovated museum. Well, I don't now if I need that. I feel I know the museum well, the changes are not so radical on how it was, and all that waiting... Just go ahead and open it, have exhibitions and let us visit it.
Yael Bartana

Vintage posters, normally they were next to the cafe.
Karel Appel, the cafe is probably the biggest change of all.

Lawrence Weiner
Cusped: an ornamental pointed projection
formed by or arising from the intersection of two arcs or foils
Cleaning the finger prints.

Ooops, even with the guards next to it there was an accident.

Barbara Visser, the copy of the copy of the copy

Lucia Nimcova

Barbara Kruger, Verleden / Heden / Toekomst, 2010.

Louise Lawler
On Kawara
Roman Ondak,
I thought I could be a part of the work, but I was not allowed to mark my height and name, so I only took the photo.

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