18 December 2010

A sea of seeds

Ai Wei Wei's infinite sea of porcelain sun seeds at the Tate Modern in London.  
They look very much like the real seeds but they were all made and painted by hand in China in one town where all of a sudden every body had this temporary job.  As you know we are not allowed to walk on them as it was first possible, but now we can't even touch the work and there is a person checking you don't get nearer than a meter. Well, what can I say, at least I could take pictures of the seemingly dirty seeds.
The most interesting part of this work is possibly the metaphor on China, its inhabitants, the way of working, the "made in China" concept. It amazes to know there are so many millions of seed reproductions, one by one they are imitating nature, and probably a seed that we had never paid that much attention before. The total work is not an extremely beautiful work, it is just a sea of seeds.

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