14 November 2010

Todos los Santos in pics

EX-MEKH presents: Todos los Santos, a Post-Halloween show at Ruimtevaart in The Hague.

Maarten Schepers and Marisa Polin behind.

Film directions towards the Now Moment, Ellen Rodenberg 2x

Strange Revelations No. 2, Clara Palli Monguilod

Autobiography, Astrid Nobel

MADE IN CHINA, Johan Nieuwenhuize 2x

Re-Construction of a studio wall by Ineke van der Wal and right Henk Hubenet

The Video-diaries (broad perspective), Kees Koomen 2x

Zeta, Blessed (Bendita), The Record (Ficha), The Boss (El Jefe, Diego Fernandez de Cevallos), The Hope of Praxedis (La Esperanza de Praxedis, Marisol Valles Garcia)
Marisa Polin

12 gebogen TL-buizen, Willem Marijs
The opening:

Photos by Marisa Polin and Kees Koomen
To see more photos: Chkoome, Rodenberg, 5 uur.
Videos: Kees (art work), Polyrood (opening).


Ellen said...

Nice Impression

Interesting how everybody makes his or her own remembrance perspective

Marisa Polin said...

1001 possibilities. And this what you get when there are so many blogbuddies exhibiting together.