10 September 2010

Kouji Ohno

Artist Kouji Ohno.

I had the chance of see the Japanese sculptor Kouji Ohno working on quite a special work.
He came to The Netherlands to participate on the exhibition WAD Sculptures in Delft. As his participation was ready, he was asked or it was his idea, I don't know, to reinterpret some portrait paintings made by children and make them three dimensional in wood.
I show here the beginning of this process. I am sure that he is going to obtain a great result with the 6 busts of politicians of the town of Delft he is making using the children's portraits.
The exhibition WAD Sculptures will be opened together with my solo show on 12 September in Delft.

One of the paintings by Yessin Nonkes de Prez.

Photographs of the politicians source of the children's portraits.
Photos ©Marisa Polin

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Anonymous said...

Leuk om te zien.
Kleine correctie: het is Yessin Nonkes.

Wim van Dorp