29 September 2010

Commemoration of what?

The date finally arrived. It is 200 years ago of the insurgent call from a 'criollo' priest in a very small town in then New Spain (today Mexico) to rebel against the Spanish Crown. And the rest is history, we could say. But it is not. It took more a decade of inner fights and countless dead, including priest Hidalgo's dead, until the criollos -or children of Spaniards born in the new land- with help of the Indians declared the Independence from Spain. Still a few more years before the international community recognized this fact.

This Independence didn't mean a better life for the mayority of inhabitants of the new land. 200 years, many other wars, guerrillas, revolutions, rebellions and political systems and the situation of big part of population is not much better than then, except mainly for those descendants from the criollos.
Isn't now a good moment to make a real change and to be fair to the whole population?

In the mean time these are a photos taken on the commemoration day at the huge Richard Meijer's Atrium of the City Hall of The Hague.

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