28 August 2010

The art season (Shooting at each other 4)

This must be the sign that the art season starts in The Netherlands:
Roos van Put from Kunstbeeld photographs Jeroen Bosch from Trendbeheer and the other way round at the Opening of the "New" Stedelijk Museum.
To see all the photos they have taken of each other: here.

I read lots of complaints on the exhibition or the new director, may be it is just a matter of a new pr person and talking more often to the press to recover the image of a museum that has been closed for 7 years.
To see how the art is being shown just click at any of these links, enough photos to get a rather good impression:
Kunstbeeld, Whatspace, more Whatspace, LostPainters, KeesKoomen, n8 and jackokijktkunst.

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