05 June 2010

Emre Huner: utopia

The New Horizon, art exhibition by Emre Huner, Turkey
18 april t/m 6 juni 2010 at Stroom Hogewal 1-9, The Hague

The future, seen from the past is not the present


Anonymous said...

vreselijk slechte expositie. De kunstenaar maakt niet iets uit niets, hij maakt niets uit iets.
Pretentieus gedoe, maar dat durft niemand tegen stroom te zeggen.

Marisa Polin said...

I think that everybody may give their own opinion. I am interested to know your extended opinion but also, specially if you say that no one dares saying anything against Stroom you should not do it in anonimity. Let's communicate more.
I often do not understand the exhibitions at Stroom, sometimes I even don't like them at all, but in this case I felt some kind of connection with my own past, science fiction and the cold war, that I suppose they come often together. I felt an emotional link with the work.