23 May 2010

First television convention, #2

(Mini)Re-enactment of The First Television Convention (1978) of Raul Marroquín (also) at The Jan van Eyck Academy (JVE) of Maastricht, only during the KunstTour this weekend. Mini in size, 50 instead of 250 televisions, intensity, insanity and time.

Recently, installation and performance revisionism has taken over the art institutions . With the Marina Abramovic's show at the MoMA as the best example. Curators, art historians and art philosophers have found a new way of trying to re-direct the art path.

One of the performance re-enactments.

Curator Lene ter Haar from B32, talking about the origins of the First Television Convention.

They are the new art-cheologists, recovering and studying dusty attics and archives, gathering old material, and finding new 'Mc-Luchanist' reasons to the art works of the 60's and 70's.
The Jan van Eyck Acadamy is honouring the founders of the former Agora Gallery of Maastricht (1972-1985) where many of the video, fluxus, art mail and performance artists started their professional careers.

Theo van der Aa from Agora.

Artist Raul Marroquin, gallerist Sandra Stevens and Ger van Dijckfrom from Agora.

Left: Artist Martha Hellion also an ex- JVE artist.

The JVE also published a great catalog of the findings of The Agora Archives by Marc Goethals.

Until Monday, also important works from the Agora archives including the Fandangos magazines.

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