19 April 2010

What is it about portraits?

Is there something special about portraits now in The Netherlands? Are they "socially acceptable" again?
In any case we must notice that there has been, between February and March 2010, 4 openings of contemporary portrait exhibitions in Dutch museums by Dutch artists. Two solo and two group exhibitions.
The two solo exhibitions may be a bit confusing as both artists Kiki Lamers (1964) and Katinka Lampe (1964) not only have the same initials, have nearly the same age, the openings were within a week of difference but more important, they are both portraying children with this mysterious halo in a pastel like palette.
The exhibition at Museum the Fundatie has been so successful that it had been extended and the book is sold out with the 2nd edition being ready the coming days.
I missed the exhibition in Gorcum, but I think there the concept of portrait has been used in a broad sense, including faces that are not necessary portraits.

Katinka Lampe at Kunsthal Rotterdam 13 March - 30 May 2010
also RONMANDOS gallery Amsterdam - Amsterdam 17/4/2010 - 29/5/2010 :

Kiki Lamers at Centraal Museum in Utrecht 6 March - 22 August 2010
also at Annet Gelink Gallery / The Bakery - Amsterdam 13/3/2010 - 17/4/2010:

Portraits Now (Portrettisten Nu) at Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle at their annex Kasteel Het Nijenhuis in Heino extended until 24 May 2010:
Sam Drukker

Bianca Berends

Marisa Polin

Marike Bok / Piet van den Boog / Erik Bosma /Annemarie Busschers / Dora Carpentier / Daan van Doorn / Jacque Gregoire / Ellen de Groot / Jurriaan van Hall / Annelies Hoek / Erik de Jong / Matt Kissingh / Judith Krebbekx / Dorine Kuiper / Judith Lansink / Urban Larsson / Frank Leenhouts / Marjolein Menke / Ab de Nijs Bik / Eva Ooms / Stijn Rietman / Joop Rubens / Roderik van Schaardenburg / Ans Schumacher / Dick Stapel / Janneke Viegers / Robert Vorstman

Portretten van de 21e eeuw in Gorkums Museum, The Netherlands.
Already closed on 11 April with works of:
Philip Akkerman

Bas Meerman

Wouter van Riessen

Paul van Dongen

Silvia B. / Loréne Bourguignon / Hendrik Elings / Ruud van Empel / Gert Germeraad / Anouk Griffioen / Wim Hardeman / Yin Jun / Anja Kok / Bastienne Kramer / Katinka Lampe / Hans Meertens / / Lique Schoot / Petra Slager / Joost van den Toorn / Marli Turion / Levi van Veluw / Barbara Wijnveld / Efrat Zehavi

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