03 April 2010

Alex van Warmerdam's world

The Dutch seen by the Dutch.
Alex van Warmerdam has his first (ever?) exhibition in Schiedam Museum. I was very curious to see this show being a fan of his work since I saw his film De Noordelingen (People from the North(?). As far as I can remember the best magical realist, surrealist, absurd Dutch film I have ever seen. This film made me love The Netherlands, such creative crazy people must be loved.

I went very enthusiast to see the art exhibition of this film maker, actor, illustrator, stage designer and musician.

Maybe it was my problem that I was expecting too much that I was a little disappointed. I would have liked to be more surprised and taken by the paintings. No, I was not amazed, but it was a great biographical show of a very very creative artist.

I was also one week to early at the museum. Just before the show for the Volkskrant art prize (Volkskrant Beeldede kunst Prijs) was open. I have to see it digitally here.

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