21 January 2010

Niet Normaal * Difference on Display

Niet Normaal * Difference on Display
exhibition at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.
Difficult place for an exhibition, a bit messy in certain areas, which makes it difficult to enjoy the exhibition. Some great art but quality was not constant. I wish I have had more time for the videos.
I had to remind my self constantly what the theme was. Should I recommend it or not?

As the exhibition text says:
"It features the work of internationally renowned artists who in their work address a defining question of our time: what is normal and who decides?
Even as technology and progress generate new opportunities for people of all sorts, shapes and sizes, we seem to be striving to become ever more uniform. The market and the media increasingly determine how we look at ourselves and at each other. Perfection is the norm.
What is this norm, and who actually satisfies it? Where do we draw the line? At a facial wrinkle, a depression, at someone who isn’t interested in getting ahead, at a visible prosthetic device, taking pills to improve intelligence, at major cosmetic surgery?"

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