19 November 2009

Hoogtij Art Tour in The Hague

The walking tour along the HOOGTIJ (High tide) art locations was a successful event. There were around 65 participants. We divided in two groups one with Lenny Waasdorp and the other Maurits van de Laar and I. We were able to enjoy fully of the showing art thanks to the weather (16 degrees and not a drop rain), the enthusiastic public, the gallerists and the artists.
Thanks to all and who knows, we may repeat it.
(more explanation about HOOGTIJ at the end of the post)

Starting point:
Gemak > Paviljoensgracht 20 – 24
Group show: Feind is, wer anders denkt. An exhibition about the state security from the DDR.

Lenny Waasdorp artist, Maurits van de Laar (both organizator of Hoogtij) and Marie Jeanne de Rooij director Gemak/Free Academy.

Bed ‘elZE’ > opens during HOOGTIJ #19 and invited seven painters to paint directly on the rough walls from the location.

A very questioning speech by the artist.

Photo LNA de Santis

Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus > Stationsweg 55
‘Gluttony’: sculpture, graphics and drawings from David Elshout and Sander Reijgers.

Friendly artists and gallerist (taking a photo).

West > Groenewegje 136
Installation and sculptures from Vincent Ganivet (FR)

The artist Vincent Ganivet and the gallerist Marie-José Sondeijker.

One of the tour favorite works.

BH139 > Boekhorststraat 139
Group show: sound- and visual artists Arno Scheper, Wolfgang Bittner, Jeroen Uyttendaele and Ofer Smilansky merge different aspect of their works together to one dynamic audiovisual surrounding.

1646 > Boekhorststraat 125
Installation from Ton Schuttelaar and Au travail/At work

The artist just said: See and enjoy the art.


A visit recommendation.

Photo Maurits van de Laar

Galerie Maurits van de Laar > Herderstraat 6
Sculptures and paintings from Elmar Trenkwalder

JCA DE KOK > Lange Beestenmarkt 99
Drawings, sculpture, collages, paintings and photography: ‘Van straten en huizen’, Rien Monshouwer. Second exhibition of the gallery.

Rien Monschouwer enjoying the crowd of visitors we brought.

Artists Marisa Polin and Simon Anderton

Artist Karen Persson

LAPt/m >
Eén ruimte, twaalf ontwerpers. Verschillende disciplines samen. Studenten en oud-studenten van de KABK brengen hun verrassende werken samen in een groepsexpositie op de grens van mode, textiel en beeldende kunst.
Artists: Evelien van Benthem, Lidewij Corstiaans, Julie Havermans, Annemarije van Harten, Layla Kühnen, Melanie Luchtenveld, Marieke Mein & Geanne Welles, Vanya Menken, Anke Muijsers, Neeltje Schoenmaker en Barbara Vos.

The super friendly artist-gallerist while talking to other guests.

Vonkel > Assendelftstraat 19
Paintings from Myra de Vries: alienating landscapes with now and then a house

Costa Rican Ambassador Francisco Jose Aguilar and an artist who joined the group at the very last moment.

Artist Anat Ratzabi with daughter and friend.

Livingstone Gallery > Anna Paulownastraat 70d/b
Sculptures from Adriaan Rees, objects and work on paper from Jannis Kounellis, etchings from Arnulf Rainer

Delicious explanation on the gallery an Jannis Kounellis.

End station:
Arte sin limites > Anna Paulownastraat 71
Artworks from paper: from Miriam Londoño (Colombia)

Faithful Chiny Eaka and gallerist Eugenie Van Raaij that was waiting for us with cold cava for everybody.

Photo Maurits van de Laar

The VIDE workshop > Uilebomen 66
OBSERVATIES 2: Graphics from Hans Könings, ‘Berliner Männer’

Baracca three different locations the ‘three-for-the –price-of-one-exhibition’:
1. Baracca > Zuidwal 17
Groups exposition with the topic "Means to an end' with work of different artists and artists initiatives
2. Frontera.2 > Herderinnestraat 7
Painting crap from vuig&tuig
3. WTC > Doubletstraat 16
Video-installation ‘back to fucking Den Haag’
HOOGTIJ #19 in The Hague on Friday November 13th 2009.
HOOGTIJ (High tide) is the new cultural route along galleries, artist-run spaces and art institutions in the centre of The Hague and takes place four times a year on a Friday evening. The presentations at a HOOGTIJ evening range from white cube to underground art. You’ll find more established art in the galleries and institutions and more experimental art, installations and performances in the artists' initiatives. At HOOGTIJ, these two extremes come together.
More info (in English) on HOOGTIJ, program and map:
More information in Dutch.
Photos (except when mentioned) © Marisa Polin.
More Photos: Local Neighbours

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Brilliant tour Marisa! Me and my friends are looking forward to the next one!